We believe in two things at The Republic Studio.


First, affordable can mean quality. Just because so much of what we buy today is cheap and disposable doesn’t mean this is the way it has to be.


Everything we make is built to last. Crafted with quality in mind and meant to stand up to daily wear.


Second, and even more important. You are an individual, and it’s your right to stand out from the crowd.


Be you. Be different.


Our collections–the shoes, boots, apparel and accessories we make, are meant to help you express your personality, your story, more of what makes you…you.



What makes you different makes you strong


Like so many companies these days, ours began because we simply couldn’t find the kinds of products that we wanted to buy.


We wanted to find shoes and shirts and accessories that expressed our love of design, of color, of shoes and shirts that stood out.


And we really wanted to find more products showcasing anime.


We are huge anime fans, and for a world filled with such creativity across so many other channels, we couldn’t find the kind of anime representation we as fans, so wanted to see.


So we started our own brand.


How it all works


It wasn’t easy.


We scoured the planet for high-quality suppliers. Designed thousands of variations. Tested endless samples.


All until we found that perfect mix of style and quality, of cool and durable.


Once we found the right base products, it was time to get started on producing great artwork, the kind we originally wanted to see for ourselves.


Each design, every variation you see, starts from hours of research and experimentation.


First, we watch for trends and what people are talking about.


Then, we scour message boards, Google and even Reddit to find moments of emotion or excitement and use that inspiration to bring these visual stories to life.


For us, it’s all about connection.

When we see or read about people being inspired, we are compelled to bring something to life to honor the occasion.


When we hear a story about how proud someone is over an accomplishment, or how in love they are with an aspect of their life, we are driven to create these emotions through our artwork.


We put these designs on the products we make for the simple reason that we believe that sharing these experiences with others makes them more powerful, makes them for everyone.


Makes them ours.


Sharing with us, so we can share with you


We love to hear stories about the things that have touched or inspired you. While not every story turns into art, when they do, we’ll make sure you know ( and we’ll send you a little something as a thank you ).


If you have something magical you’d like to share, we’d love to hear about it. You can reach us at Support@therepublicstudio.com